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PRESS RELEASE    1 July 2010
                R2RC Group in the UK winds up its activity
R2RC Group is "very satisfied with the outcome of the campaign"
The UK R2RC Strategy Group has been disbanded, having met the objectives set when it was formed in February 2007. It decided at a recent meeting to recommend to the Automotive Aftermarket Liaison Group (AALG), from which the UK element of the campaign was born, that R2RC end. The AALG accepted that recommendation.Jim Mazza, the Chairman of the Campaign, said "The motor vehicle specific regulations and guidelines introduced on 1st June 2010, which will run until 2023, are a fantastic outcome and far beyond my expectations. These coupled with other European legislation and directives provide strong protection for the independent automotive aftermarket and ensure an ongoing competitive environment from which the motorist will benefit. The UK Strategy Group is very satisfied with the outcome of the campaign."He added "The campaign united the entire independent aftermarket which added huge weight to our arguments as we were able to speak on behalf of the whole industry. The success of the campaign isn't due to the efforts of a few people, but due to the actions of everyone who has helped in providing funding and creating awareness by distributing literature, having an R2RC presence at trade shows, exhibitions and conferences and using the R2RC logo. This shows what can be achieved by working together."The end of the campaign sensibly means an end to the use of the logo which has been licensed for use by FIGIEFA.The final comment of the retiring Chairman was: "Whilst R2RC has gone I hope that it will not be forgotten. We now know what a united industry can achieve and I am optimistic that, the next time that the whole industry needs a relevant flag to rally round, R2RC is taken out of the cupboard, dusted down and put to good use".
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